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Photon tender skin instrument which can solve the skin problems

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Photon tender skin instrument which can solve the skin problems

one project a number of beauty is the beauty salon friends admired beauty equipment, Shanghai's in line with the service concept of customer service as the center, the demand of the corresponding general friends, to produce more multi-function beauty instrument. Now let's take a look at the photon tender skin instrument which can solve the skin problems.

the photon tender skin instrument which can solve the skin problem?

first, of course, is to do the tender skin.

the photon tender skin effect refers to the use of photons on the aging of the skin, the skin appear a series of problems, to operate. Photon action principle of selective solar-thermal role, not only photons to skin the melanin granules and shallow, hemoglobin can play operation effect, also to the skin deep tissue elastic fibers and collagen fibers in the operating effect, thus to have the tender skin effect, but using a photon tender skin instrument does not damage the normal skin tissue. Photon tender skin can make the pigment spots fade or eliminate, capillary expansion to improve or eliminate, smooth and clean skin, eliminate fine wrinkles, slight firming skin, therefore the photon tender skin instrument is very significant.

second, photon tender skin instrument can be used for operating pigmentation

increase skin pigment spots is obvious characteristics in China's race in the event of a light aging, photon technology for skin source increases skin pigment ideal sexual problems, such as freckles, sun spots, Tan) , seborrheic diversification has ideal. According to the report in Asian populations, 90% photon skin problems of this kind of operation subject is obvious. A new generation of photonic devices to release the pulse is brick block, the release of energy is evener, on the one hand, on the other hand is operation indication, the past chloasma has been operating & other; Throughout the area &; , but some doctors use the OPT - lately IPL ( Lumenis One) Operation to be successful, but to prevent pigmentation complications.

third, photon tender skin instrument can be used in the operation of vascular problems

a photon of superficial skin vasodilation is better, such as facial capillary blood capillary. The vascular malformation ( Such as nevus flammeus) Also have very good, especially with OPT mode of IPL ( Lumenis One) Have a good to nevus flammeus. And photon operation is not recommended, because the damage is too deep, the operating effect is not very good. Of course IPL and the effect of physician operation skills. Light skin vascular problems operation is usually need to repeated operation, and after repeated operation is usually the result of the accumulation, it is different from the laser, photon tender skin instrument operation can usually appear & other; ” Sort of.

the fourth and the photon tender skin instrument can be used for hair removal

although it is generally believed that the laser good monochromaticity, strong correlation is & other; ” Some type of hair removal, but recent studies suggest that a new generation of photon its similar to laser hair removal. Although the hair removal technology is very mature, also very effective, but to reach the effect of hair removal is very difficult, no matter use what type of laser or a new generation of photon tender skin for hair removal operation, can only achieve lasting hair cut off, not hair removal, even the combination of rf and IPL technology ( E light) Technology is no exception.

method of photon tender skin instrument is set tender skin, remove spots, hair removal, and other functions as one of the multi-function cosmetology instrument, the details can be

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