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Photon tender skin meter project is introduced

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Photon tender skin meter project introduction

freckles, capillary expansion, pore bulky, dull skin, loss of elasticity has become a stumbling block, beautiful women seek you because there is no a youth beautiful beautiful face repeatedly rejected, 30th birthday boy say to you? What are you waiting for, Shanghai's photon tender skin instrument also you floral youth.

tender skin principle:

introduction of photon tender skin of stefano company launched intense pulsed light, shine directly on the surface of the skin, it can penetrate the skin dermis, selective effects on the skin pigment or blood vessels, the coagulation discoloration, closed expansion of the red blood silk, photons at the same time also can stimulate the skin collagen hyperplasia, restructuring leather frame structure, to make pores, knit lines is reduced, skin elasticity, healthy and glossy.


effect is obvious: after you use the photon tender skin clear pigment, white and smooth elastic. Can achieve a variety of operating effect: a project, tender skin, at the same time can reach to red to brown spots, improve the wrinkles and other effects.

consistency: for full face operation, after operation uniform color, full of elasticity and luster. Operation: the light effect on skin produce certain heat effect and heat coagulation, and good sapphire stone cooling technology, effective in protecting the epidermis.

the photon tender skin instrument postoperative care:

1. Prevent bask in: postoperative skin tender, resist ultraviolet ability, should do well in sun protection

2. Skin moisturizing: the improvement of the process, easy to dry, can apply hydrating mask to relieve the symptoms.

3。 Ban hot water washs a face: hot water can take away part of the skin moisture, make skin dry.

4。 Banning the use of spicy or phototonus food or drugs.

5。 To ban the use of stimulating cosmetics or hydrating mask.

taboo crowd:

1. Allergic constitution and recent light sensitive drugs ( Retinoic acid, tetracycline) Applications.

2。 Nearly a month operating parts used functional cosmetics. Three months has a history of plastic and injection, and pad prosthesis and other people.

3。 Operation area with atypical moles, the skin is broken. Active herpes or malignant lesions.

4。 Formation of allergic granulomatous tattoo fuel.

5。 Severe diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy patients.

6。 Use of anticoagulants operator 2 weeks.

7。 Menstrual period, pregnancy, lactation.

8。 In the near term exposure to sunlight or to exposure to sunlight.

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