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Photon tender skin tester how to go blain to imprint

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Photon tender skin tester how to go blain to imprint,

most of us grow blain, this is a normal phenomenon, especially indicates the adolescent acne, but also give people a lot of blain blain. A lot of people very not easy acne removing success, only to find his face more than a few blain to imprint, the face looks not so natural, photon tender skin instrument can help dispel blain to imprint, restore clean facial skin, so the photon tender skin instrument how to go blain to imprint?

the photon tender skin instrument is the commonly used a kind of beauty salon equipment, can go to carry out the tender skin and hair removal, acne, blain to imprint, remove spots and red blood silk, and other beauty project, is a multifunctional beauty high cost performance. Photon tender skin instrument to remove blain to imprint on the theory of the principle of pyrolysis and biological stimulation, hope give blain blain people recover smooth skin.

the photon hairdressing instrument principle of pyrolysis is mainly refers to the acne removing seal, blain to imprint of pigment deposition let its temperature is higher than the surrounding skin, after the absorption of light by using the differential to let break decomposition of pigment, eliminate pigmentation. Acne eliminating pigment deposition has a good effect. And biological stimulation is intense pulsed light effect produced by photochemical reaction on the skin, mainly to the collagen of the dermis, elastic fiber chemical changes in the internal structure of molecular of elastic recovery.

and intense pulsed light photon tender skin instrument have produced by thermal effect, can improve blood vessel function, improve circulation, shrink pores, remove the superficial wrinkles, so the photon tender skin instrument to blain to imprint, at the same time also can improve the skin effect, make skin water tender, xi is smooth. Although photon tender skin instrument acne removing effect is good, but also pay attention to the postoperative nursing care, to achieve good beautiful skin effect.

the photon tender skin tester how to go blain to imprint? The function of the photon operation instrument is more, can help to save a lot of beauty salon economic investment, can get credit for its good effect.

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