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Photon tender skin, the technical operation of the photon tender skin sex

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Photon tender skin, technology of photon tender skin operation with sexual

at present, a new pulse light technology, it is said that than conventional photon tender skin and sex, the price is lower than the average photon tender skin from a piece of HONKON - new pulse light - Photon tender skin.

use pulse light - Photon tender skin instrument to do a course of treatment can be through the technical transformation of skin bleak, chloasma face defects such as, as long as a course of treatment can change the dark skin, make your skin bright and fair. Compared with the traditional technique of photon tender skin of the instrument, the authority of the photon tender skin instrument equipment using pulsed light technology, can effectively control each pulse wavelength and a peak, avoided for invalid spectrum thermal damage to the skin, reduce the risk of burns, the tender skin and heating and operation process. In just coming into the market by the national beauty lady's love.

the current law in the country set up a multiple marketing center, in order to facilitate customer experience, and customers can in the center of the experience marketing center set up in every marketing center, to experience a new photon tender skin.

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