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Portable photon tender skin

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Portable photon tender skin device

the photon tender skin instrument is popular in the market very early, because most of the functional diversity and can apply to projects conducted customer therefore has been affected by the trust of many customers, and for some customers often project cooperation customers portable photon tender skin device might be good for them, today small make up you to explain it in detail.

small make up recommend model in portable photon tender skin device is QQ + e + e and YF, both the classical models of photon tender skin, have been listed 5 - Six years, the use of IPL technology to produce a certain amount heat coagulation operation effect, skin cooling technology in operation was full protection does not cause burns and other issues, the RF technology synergy IPL good operation effect. And the two instruments are small desktop portable very suitable for frequently moving equipment customers and the price is more appropriate also very suitable for family use the terminal customers.

now in photon tender skin instrument has been developed based on the technology of OPT beauty equipment, using the OPT technology replaced the previous IPL technology, whether on the hair removal or step on the tender skin effect is well, but now OPT cosmetic instrument are vertical, temporarily without desktop model, if you want to see in detail can see S6C this instrument, OPT in terms of price is more expensive than the IPL, but in effect OPT is won't let you down.

portable photon tender skin device small make up is introduced, if you open a beauty salon has a period of time or operate beauty equipment in order to develop and beauty has been a period of time small make up is very suggest you buy OPT beauty instrument, because in terms of the current development of photon tender skin instrument has to be being washed out gradually, replace by OPT beauty instrument, if you want to have more competitive investment is necessary condition, of course, if you did not contact with beauty instrument before so QQ + e will be a good start.

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