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Postoperative nursing care of photon tender skin instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Postoperative nursing care of photon tender skin instrument

are each the love of beauty is the pursuit of the white and tender skin, especially dry season, such as in winter, then, how can make the skin become white and tender? Shanghai method of photon tender skin instrument can satisfy the demand of you, because it has no harm, popular, now let's learn the progress on postoperative nursing care of photon tender skin instrument should remember knowledge, make the operation effect.

1, the photon tender skin instrument operation after our skin exquisite small we must pay attention to prevent the illuminate of ultraviolet resistance. In the first three days we try not to go out, if you go out must be ready to prevent bask in, sun umbrellas, hats, sunglasses and masks is indispensable, in addition we can slap on the sunscreen, sunscreen is also have certain requirements can't use excitant strong sunscreen. As long as you prepare for these can go out. It is forbidden to use of aspirin and cosmetics, including alcohol must not touch operation face hard.

2, use the photon tender skin after operation, because the skin is opened after absorbing ability strong at this time is like a sponge, our also along with the speeding up, we will feel dry skin, like a fish out of water are in urgent need to moisture, so need to postoperative skin care to replenish sufficient moisture and nutrition.

3。 We should pay attention to diet, not the heavy color ( Soy sauce, such as coke) , the light sensitivity ( Spinach, rapeseed, etc. ) Food will do, and demand for food.

4, part of the mm in photon tender skin instrument postoperative local swelling, there may be fever continued, this belongs to the normal phenomenon, go away, 2 hours. A few possible crusting, this phenomenon can be in 2 weeks to fall off and disappear, please keep our face during the operation area clean.

5, please observe operating instructions and the doctor's advice, find any don't trust, please contact operating physician immediately.

it looks like we're done with photon tender skin instrument postoperative nursing, actually very simple, we just pay attention, good refueling! ! ! !

understand the postoperative nursing care of with photon tender skin, let us have a look at what people together is not suitable for the photon tender skin tender skin surgery instrument. Individual photon tender skin, the body is a very big difference, light allergies, there are local and systemic inflammation, immune system defects, scar constitution, in the near term used light allergic drug, pregnant women, abnormal blood clotting or antioxidants, not fit for the photon tender skin.

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