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Professional instrument to scarring

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Professional to scar instrument

the existence of scar let a person feel is very trouble, it makes skin save concave and convex, affected the beautiful even made up is easy to see, every woman wants to own beautiful yes, don't want to appear the ceiling damage, but life will inevitably encounter all kinds of accident and injury, if not handled properly, will lead to the formation of scar, especially in the arms, legs, face the obvious place, the scar on the skin caused a certain psychological pressure to us. But fortunately now have a lattice laser instrument can help us to remove the scar, now we learn about the professional instrument to scarring.

after the scar is wound, skin and launched the trauma to improve the mechanism of normal, collagen protein and after being reshaped, formed a scar. General method of dispel scar is very difficult, because the general method can't operate to the dermis, and so on under the dermis of collagen protein and no help.

lattice is a laser operation is used for reconstruction of skin beauty instrument, its main operating mode is the principle of laser applied to a certain amount of heat generated in the operating position solidified, a large number of thermal effect, form the diameter is about 0. 12 mm holes, depth of about 2 - 4 mm, then produce hot bridge between holes, start the skin trauma to improve the mechanism of aging in the process of metabolism of collagen is accelerated, the new large increase of collagen, the skin's dermis rebuilt, scar disappear, wrinkles, skin becomes delicate.

other scar operation instruments, because of the depth of effect is not enough, so it is difficult to achieve the effect of collagen remodeling, so for the operation of the scar effect is limited, some common operation scar product on the market is difficult to see the effect. Above is the simple introduction to professional to scar instruments, if you are interested in

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