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Professional laser machine wash tattoo

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Professional wash tattoo laser machine

now see others have a tattoo, it's no surprise, tattoos or express their individuality, or express memorable, or to reveal itself, and so on, a lot of people and psychological changes with age, will have the idea of wash tattoo. Laser wash tattoo effect is good, pain is light and high, professional wash tattoo laser machine which is really good?

laser wash tattoo machine, are generally use tuning Q laser instrument, using light to wash tattoo blasting principle to achieve. High-energy laser instantly penetrate the skin to reach the area, pigment absorbing sunlight and heat expansion cracked into pigment particles, part directly through the skin in vitro, and the other part is with human lymphatic circulation of phagocyte eduction body outside, tattoo pigment gradually disappear. Laser wash tattoo will not damage the tattoo the surrounding normal skin tissue, also won't left side effects, is a way to wash the tattoo.

many people tattoo pigment, is found in dermal tissues, if there is no a professional tattoo laser machine washing, removing would not be so easy. Recommended tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument, its remove pigment energy size is determined by the instrument itself, to wash the tattoo to use the passive tuning Q laser single pulse energy 400 mj. In general, the higher the energy of tuning Q laser instrument to remove pigment ability stronger, the relative price is expensive, can according to the actual situation to choose an appropriate laser wash tattoo machine.

professional wash tattoo laser machine which is really good? Shanghai's beauty equipment manufacturer laser wash tattoo machine has different models, such as MV11, MV22, etc. , and good electro-optic tuning Q laser QCH - 1064 3, etc. , to tattoo removing effect is good,

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