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Professional remove spots instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Professional remove spots instrument

if white good-looking facial color spots, this is not an acceptable thing, not only let the person's face look dirty, but also brings the great psychological burden. Many spots people choose to go to beauty parlour remove stains, beauty salon for dispelling the spot effect is good in terms of word of mouth, will choose to purchase professional remove spots instrument, but what are the main beauty salon professional remove spots instrument?

people easy to appear in the facial spots are chloasma and freckles, was more common in our daily life, like a fog brings the same, the influence of shadow, disturbing. Chloasma is easy to occur in the frontal or cheeks, present the mottled russet or patch sample pigmentation, mainly because the epidermis melanin caused by abnormal or leather. Chloasma, the main point is, not only affected by the sun and is aggravating, also related to endocrine, season, etc, make a lot of people of chloasma after operation is repeated.

the professional remove chloasma chloasma instrument, Shanghai's beauty instrument small make up recommend the use of energy in more than 400 mj tuning Q laser beauty equipment, operation area will appear slightly redness, pigment will become weak gradually, but also pay attention to the postoperative nursing, to achieve good operation effect of chloasma.

for freckles, it is a kind of easy to occur in the sun tan mottled pigmentation, and is vulnerable to the sun such as facial and neck area, is also prone to freckles. Although some western freckles is considered an lovely an ornament, but now people's aesthetic idea gradually changed, more and more people are to freckles, beauty salon to freckles generally recommended to use e light beauty equipment, yes freckles Nemesis.

e light to freckles there are obvious tingling, after will feel irritable and obvious swelling, and freckle spots color looks increased, in fact this is normal, don't worry about it. E light to freckles, of course, is not can be done at a time, is the need to 3 - Five times, pay attention to prevent bask in, do not eat acrimony excitant food, such as must pay more attention to prevention.

color spot spot is different, the use of professional remove spots instrument is also different, for their spots of the equipment is good. Stefano remove splash effect excellent instrument at present, it is YILIYA - 1064 QCH, but more suitable for large and medium-sized plastic body. If you are looking for professional remove spots instruments have doubt, can be directly

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