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Red blood silk instrument operation

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Red blood silk operating instruments

red blood silk operating the project throughout the country, though less hair removal, remove spots project so popular, but still very hot in individual regions, such as the northwest region, etc. , so what are the red blood silk operating instrument? Below small make up take you to choose one.

professional red blood silk net operating instrument is the instrument of this series, main use is used needles in a very short time with net silk internal heating solidification expansion of capillaries, so that the enclosed. Widely used is e light beauty instrument, because as a kind of multifunctional instrument, e light beauty, except for red blood silk operation effect is good for hair removal, remove spots is good too. There is a kind of special operation vascular pathological changes of instrument is the long pulse laser operation instrument, this instrument in addition to operating red blood silk on nevus flammeus. Less than 3 mm in diameter varicosity operation effect is positive.

the above three kinds of red blood silk instrument operation should how to choose? Small make up think this is mainly to carry out the project according to your store as well as the needs of your local customers, if you want to do professional red blood silk, the project net wire gauge is better choice, if you need to develop other projects at the same time, the e light beauty instrument is good, if you want to major in vascular lesions in the operation, that's the long pulse laser is good.

small make up knowledge about red blood silk instrument operation is finished, do not know to have a help to the choose and buy of you?

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