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Reduced fat shape C9 instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
C9 - reduced fat shape instrument S1 specials!

the summer is coming soon, must have a lot of female friends are reduced fat to worry about, reduced fat is not a word can do things, need to keep on long to achieve. Shanghai's company reduce fat shape of C9 - instrument S1, synergy through several different technology to realize the desire of the people to reduce fat shape, and reduced fat shape C9 - instrument S1 specials!

C9 - reduce fat body beauty instrument S1 mainly by mechanical massage roller, vacuum negative pressure adsorption, bipolar radiofrequency hot melt and four methods of red light and infrared light operation, slimming and shaping operation on skin of synergy effect. C9 - reduced fat shape instrument S1 for people with different skin color, mainly those who are not satisfied with their bodies, proud flesh body more, always feel tired skin ache are also applicable to the crowd.

XF - I++ and XF - VII++ un-experienced operator to use dual monopole radio frequency design, the skin lesions caused by bipolar radiofrequency complications, such as operation, the effect is very good.

XF - VIII and XF - IX un-experienced operator with bipolar firming mode, lift effect fast, obviously, at the same time avoid the radiation damage to the eyes and brain, sculpting and carving true green health firming.

reduced fat fat reducing C9 - shaping instrument S1 can help people solve reduced fat effectively, comb, form healthy slim life, special price 36000 yuan to give back to the customers now,

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