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Rf PiYi

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04

waves pull PiYi is also known as the RF waves freezing skin hairdressing apparatus, RF radio frequency (RF) technology was mainly used for skin problems to improve the instrument, the operation technology is very popular in previous years, it is mainly used for shallow wrinkles remove, improve shrink and acne problem, the improvement of the skin.

waves lift equipment operation principle is to use a certain frequency of RF technology makes the body electric field polarity changes, and the distribution of the cylindrical heat generated by the end, it is because the heat produced by heating the collagen in the dermis structure change, but it is worth you to pay special attention to, that's what the changes in the structure of collagen is a reversible process, that is to say, although the operation is to change the shape of the collagen but this shape can change back after the operation.

so many customers may be asked, if this kind of collagen structure change will change back again does that mean operation is invalid? Can't really say this, rf PiYi operation if it is to do it in accordance with the treatment effect is good, but this requires equipment operators must be done when operating. What is called in place? Is operating in to the customer after the operation to the skin temperature in 41 degrees Celsius and can in 3 minutes or the skin temperature and keep 1-42 degrees Celsius 2 minutes, and only can meet the clinical finish is given to illustrate the effectiveness of the operation.

there are a lot of customers in the banquet, activity before using rf PiYi to clear up the facial skin. With rf PiYi for tender skin effect is very satisfactory. More about rf PiYi related introduction here, don't know the read the article you have harvest?

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