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Rf skin anti-wrinkle instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Waves lift anti-wrinkle instrument

wrinkles fight decline is beauty salon is now very popular a kind of beauty, people with age wrinkles, influence people's facial image, also brought psychological burden. Waves lift instrument is a kind of equipment that the commonly used anti-wrinkle, good effect and high cost performance, so how to choose rf skin anti-wrinkle instrument?

rf skin hairdressing apparatus using the dermis collagen in 60 to seventy degrees Celsius temperature, produces shrinkage characteristics, immediately after the operation, can make droopy skin immediately feel up, tight leather effect. In two to six months after the operation, stimulated the true cortex hyperplasia of collagen will gradually, prompting dermis, tight and elastic recovery, from deep to shallow wrinkles and gradually disappear.

waves lift equipment is the main application of RF radio frequency energy, RF energy ACTS on the skin to produce cylindrical uniform distribution of energy, can spur shorter collagen fibers became thicker, so as to improve the skin, remove wrinkles, V face effect. Because of the shape of the collagen fibers change is reversible, so if you want to achieve good operation effect and can keep operating effect, need to achieve waves lift operation clinical finish & ndash; — 2-41 ℃ and maintain the skin temperature 3 minutes, if not the temperature, even if the facial promotion effect is very good, but not very good.

how to choose the rf skin anti-wrinkle instrument? Now the waves of lift technology is already very mature, the price is relatively cheap, Shanghai's beauty equipment manufacturers have different styles of rf PiYi, can meet the needs of different beauty salon,

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