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Rf skin beauty equipment operation principle

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Rf skin beauty equipment operation principle of

rf skin hairdressing instrument has carried out many years in the beauty market, two years ago waves lift to carry out the peaks of the project, now in the market is close to saturation, so to speak. Although a lot of beauty institutions to carry out this project, but not all agencies can achieve satisfactory, there are many factors that can of, for example from rf skin beauty equipment itself, from beauty instrument operation teacher, from the customer, etc. Although there are many factors, but is now waves lift beauty equipment technology, the maturity of the instrument itself should not big problem, after we have 3 years to more than 1000 waves lift follow found beauty equipment institution's operating division tend to not understanding waves lift equipment operation, know very little about rf skin beauty equipment operation principle is, in order to help the operator to better understand rf skin hairdressing instruments in this article we bring everybody waves skin beauty equipment operation principle.

rf skin cosmetology instrument operation principle can be divided into two categories, the class is skin reconstruction theory, the second is reduced fat principle. Skin reconstruction principle: RF skin RF skin beauty equipment using RF radio frequency (RF) technology to produce column in the skin tissue distribution of heat, heat formed certain heat effect and a small amount of scattered distribution of thermal coagulation, thermal effect leads to dermal collagen molecular hydrogen bond rupture, the collagen molecules structure change, achieve firming the operation effect of ascension. In the distribution of thermal coagulation make the skin produces three stages, similar to the trauma to increase collagen and eventually achieve new collagen skin firming effect of ascension. But it's important to note that heat effect caused by changes in the structure of collagen process is reversible, which is rf skin to improve skin effect is not the reason, so the operation is to pursue should be spread in the distribution of thermal coagulation.

rf skin beauty equipment reduced fat principle: waves lift columnar distribution of heat generated by the instrument can make the subcutaneous tissue of white fat cells release of glycerin, under the action of lipase, decompose generate glycerol and fatty acids, can reach the effect of fat reducing shape. Waves need to be paid attention to lift reduced fat function only when using unipolar operation head, bipolar operation head basically has no fat reducing effect.

the above content is introduced, more knowledge about waves lift technology please contact with your supplier details, because to get a good operation effect, the understanding of an instrument is absolutely is a must.

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