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Teach you how to choose a desktop machine wash eyebrow

by:Vanoo      2021-02-08
Teach you how to choose the desktop machine wash eyebrow

now eyebrow tattoo is a kind of beauty is very common projects, many love beautiful female friends will choose the eyebrow tattoo, one is the pursuit of fashion, a make-up time is saved. Eyebrow tattoo not good-looking can also choose to wash the eyebrow, the following method to teach you how to choose the desktop machine wash eyebrow.

on the market there are several models of eyebrow washing machine wash eyebrow machine can the instantaneous emission of high energy laser energy, accurately through brow skin, let the pigment particles under the powerful laser according to fracture. After fracture, part of the pigment will be pop up outside body, the other part will be devoured by macrophages of the body, and then with the human body the lymphatic system. 1064 nm wavelength is mainly used to remove the skin green, black pigmentation, 532 nm wavelength is mainly used to remove red, brown pigmentation of the skin.

laser wash eyebrow is a process of gradually completed, each person's eyebrow tattoo situation is different, the number of wash eyebrow also exists certain differences. For those eyebrow tattoo pigments, small, usually 1 - Two laser wash eyebrow can achieve better effect. For the pigments, more, you will need to the number of times the corresponding some more.

there are several models desktop machine wash eyebrow

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