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Tender skin instrument laser effect is good?

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Tender skin instrument laser effect is good?

with the development of society and development, the love of beauty and was the subject of each female relations. Tender skin equipment and laser is really brought the beauty of a woman is a great convenience. Solve the problem of off all of them on the skin, tender skin is a kind of laser, a method of medical hairdressing. So tender skin instrument using laser really good? Has a research and development of laser tender skin equipment and medical experts a way explanation! < / P >
< P > is a kind of laser tender skin beauty apparatus has the advantage of hairdressing method, as long as for a certain period of treatment, can solve all kinds of skin problems, including wrinkles, spots, acne, red blood silk, pore bulky, and so on. < / P >
< P > is a kind of laser tender skin operation of stripping operation method, it from the base layer improve skin quality, provide the interventional operation and suitable for different skin condition, through specific wavelength penetrate the skin thickness 5 mm, straight to the skin of the dermis, direct effects on cells and fibroblasts, collagen of the dermis to collagen in the skin to regenerate, reach the role of skin care. It does not have any damage to the skin. < / P >
< P > laser tender skin operation is one of this two years for a popular way to beauty, he through a variety of different wavelengths of pulsed laser operation, nevus of ota nevus flammeus, freckles, age spots, such as capillary expansion, simple operation, good effect, so tender skin before doing laser to need to pay attention to what? Tender skin operation should how to choose the laser instrument? < / P >
< P > tender skin before laser note: < / P >
< P > before operation, is important to communicate with their doctors. Because did not understand the cause of fear, stop many of the people who need operation for laser beauty, actually often want after talking to the doctor's, will remove these concerns. < / P >
< P > your spots belong to what kind of operating procedure is how, how much is the time interval, after all what matters need attention, etc. , be sure. < / P >
< P > before the operation is not very special attention should be paid to the matters, depending on the project is also different, for example: at the site of the need to manipulate daub skin drug, a few minutes later, can be laser tender skin. < / P >
< P > choose what kind of laser tender skin operation is < / P >
< P > YILIYA - 1064 QCL using electro-optical tuning Q laser pigment operation mode, the pulse width is only 8 ns, 1064 nm laser single pulse energy of 600 mj, instantaneous emission laser energy break diseased tissue basement, namely the light induced by blasting, the accumulation of high-energy laser instantaneous emission, 1064 & amp; 532 nm wavelength laser in a very short period of time ( 8ns) Moments acting on the target tissue, basement absorb sunlight and heat expansion instantaneous blasting fragmentation accordingly, part of the ( Skin) Part from epidermis eduction body outside, basement fracture ( Skin tissues below) Basement fracture into tiny particles can be consumed by macrophages, after digestion by macrophages end through lymphatic loop eduction body outside, diseased tissue base will gradually decrease and eventually disappear, and the surrounding normal tissues due to do not absorb or little absorb 1064 & amp; 532 nm wavelength laser is almost no damage, There is almost no clinical side effects) , don't need to have a rest after surgery. Electro-optic tuning Q laser because of its continuous adjustable single pulse energy so the doctor can obtain any energy density ( Under the condition of invariable flare area) Used for clinical purposes. < / P >
< P > : < / P >
< P > 1064 QCL output flat hat pattern intensity, energy distribution uniformity, < / P >
< P > operation result good consistency and operation, the pain is light; < / P >
< P > 8 ns pulse width, operating with slight pain, high peak power, < / P >
< P > shatter pigment, skin damage slightly; < / P >
< P > mixer 600 Jackson at the end of the light arm single pulse energy, < / P >
< P > remove have all kinds of skin pigmentary problems; < / P >
< P > configuration after speckle regulator can obtain stable, doctors need to all kinds of light spot area, < / P >
< P > to ensure the operation area of operation effect consistency; < / P >
< P > 1064 pieces QCL concise it is very convenient to the doctor and technician to human interface; < / P >
< P >, should prevent insolation after laser tender skin. Go out sunscreen, aspirin, and alcohol is strictly prohibited, Including cosmetics containing alcohol) , must not squeeze, pressure, touch, friction surface operation. < / P >
< P > the second, some patients undergoing laser tender skin may appear after the swelling, belongs to the normal phenomenon, will go away, do not need to operate. A handful of patients with possible crusting, this phenomenon can be in 2 weeks to fall off and disappear, please keep the wound dry and clean. < / P >
< P > third, laser tender skin after operation because of skin absorption ability, speed up, some patients may appear the skin dry lack water, so the postoperative must to supplement sufficient moisture and nutrition to skin care. < / P >
< P > 4, laser tender skin, please observe operating instructions and the doctor's advice, find any don't trust, please contact operating physician, the physician will guide the proper care and operation. < / P >
< P > laser tender skin does not need to be in hospital operation, small incision, intraoperative bleeding, not light trauma, but also can effectively cause the production of collagen, which can improve the skin texture, is for the ideal of tender skin. < / P >
< P > after the above reply, believe that you have on the effectiveness of laser tender skin, choose what kind of laser operation is already had a target. If you still

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