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The advantage of e light beauty equipment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
The advantage of the e light beauty equipment

e light beauty equipment is a kind of very popular with the beauty salon equipment, also is a kind of beauty equipment, common is a kind of practical multi-function cosmetology instrument. E light beauty instrument can not only achieve depilation, freezing and can remove spots, wrinkles, and tender skin, multi-usage, saves the cost of investment, so what are the main advantages of e light beauty instrument?

the core of the e light beauty instrument technology mainly have three: RF IPL technology + + epidermis cooling, RF IPL light energy is mainly used for adjust the impedance value of the organization, guide the RF radio frequency energy to concentrate, cooperate with skin cooling technology, the radio frequency to the dermal tissue, in the case of low energy, strengthen the target tissue of RF radio frequency energy absorption, as to avoid the problem of reflection and refraction of primary energy, pulse light energy function of feeling pain and risk is greatly reduced.

e light beauty instrument with multiple skin beautifying effect, especially good to tighten skin, remove wrinkles, improve skin texture, shrink the pores, so tender skin technology, is a kind of sense is also in the service of the skin young physical operation technology. To eliminate the effect of skin pigment also greatly strengthen at the same time, greatly improve, avoid the past photon tender skin operation of skin burns and other side effects.

this is to the advantage of the e light beauty equipment of simple introduction, e operating a wide range of light, can be a variety of skin problems to conduct a comprehensive improvement and operation, cost-effective, practical. Shanghai's beauty equipment factory e light beauty instrument design is more,

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