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The advantage of laser wash tattoo machine

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
The advantages of laser wash tattoo machine

if friends in distress for wash not to drop the tattoo? It doesn't matter, laser wash tattoo function help you wash away the worry, laser wash tattoo machine advantage in where? Let's learn together.

Shanghai method of laser wash tattoo machine with different wavelengths of laser surgery can selectively, the surrounding skin from damage. This wash tattoo method, using the light induced by blasting principle, when the laser to the area will be pigment particles quickly blasting, the blasting after part of pigment with human skin eduction body outside, and then the other part of the pigment is absorbed by macrophages and remove, if tattoo design color is deeper, can be repeated many times, changing the laser wavelength. Laser wash tattoo machine in the processed parts, leaves or deep or shallow spots, Shanghai stefano says to you, but it's better than a scar tumor. The tumor is surgery or carbon dioxide laser wash tattoo leave traces. The traditional laser wash tattoo machine damage to the skin deep.

Shanghai method of laser wash tattoo machine can remove the area is larger, heavier color pattern, especially several specific colors. As you all know, in any case this wash tattoo of the final result depends on the pattern of the size, location and used in the paint, if the pattern is very small, surgery to remove wash tattoo are available, and if stitching good, almost look not to come out, the tattoo on your neck and arm ( Especially in the deltoid muscle, shoulder blades, collarbone and upper humerus) And other skin flexibility difference will be a scar on the part of the design, laser wash tattoo machine using the technology, can remove area is large, heavy color pattern, which is light blasting principle to remove a tattoo.

use laser wash tattoo machine don't need to do a local anaesthetic, which is stimulated to wash tattoo machine wash tattoo and other wash tattoo method comparative advantage.

laser wash tattoo machine wash tattoo obvious advantage lies in laser wash tattoo machine don't need to use the knife cut or abrasion, in most cases the tattoo will not obvious scar left.

the advantages of laser wash tattoo machine everyone understand, welcome to browse the web site of the laser wash tattoo machine project page.

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