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The characteristics of the laser eyebrow washing machine and operating range

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
The characteristics of the laser eyebrow washing machine and operating range

method of laser eyebrow washing machine is a multi-function beauty instruments, many friends might be in the instruments are not very familiar with, below, to introduce to everyone.

the characteristics of the laser eyebrow washing machine

1, instantaneous blasting high-tech laser technology, the international standard production, strict technical testing

2, easy compact mobile machine ( Travel bag configuration, easy movement, rewarding)

3, LCD screen, the english-language interface, full computer monitoring, water hydraulic self-check alarm system

4, and cure skin pigmentary lesions ( Remove moles, age spots, deep spot, birthmark, nevus of ota)

5, without anesthesia, operation, no damage to normal skin, no scarring, only remove pigment

6, easy for three lines for failure ( Wash the blue-black eyebrow tattoo, the red embroidered eyebrow, red lips and colorful tattoos)

7, original gem Q movement, dispel, postoperative easy ( Gem movement need not change, green environmental protection,)

laser eyebrow washing machine operating range

Q switch 1064 nm wavelength laser:

operation freckles, traumatic pigmentation, remove tattoo, eyebrow, eyeliner and other black and blue pigment pathological changes.

Q switch 532 nm wavelength laser:

shallow coffee spot operation, remove tattoo eyebrow, eyeliner and other red, brown pigment pathological changes.

method of laser wash eyebrow machine adopts high-tech research and development, operating a variety of pigment, problem. If you are

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