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The choice of laser remove spots 'spot' girl

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser remove spots 'spot' girl choose

laser remove spots & other; Spot girl & throughout; The choice of

goodbye to 2013, & other; Spot girl & throughout; Are in for a full face of stains or spots, stefano 9th optical beauty workshops, annual net spot large feedback

plaques, is just like a piece of white paper on black piece, let beauty, beautiful women want to dispel. However, & other; Spot girl & throughout; Are how to remove stains? According to a survey, 48. 1% of women choose daily skincare remove spots, only 20. 2% of women use discoloration effect of laser operation, the main reason is related to economic conditions. To make & other; Spot girl & throughout; They feel the charm of laser remove spots, free experience method, laser remove stains, chloasma, nevus of ota and freckles, sun spot, birthmark, coffee spot, age spots, such as failure tattoo tattoo eyeline pigmentary skin female all can come to stefano company experience.

most women disturbed by plaques

survey 83. 5% of women long plagued by plaques, mainly the age of 25 years old to 55 years old, brown spots including chloasma, nevus of ota, spot, sun spot, birthmark, coffee spot, age spots, etc. These and other Spot girl & throughout; Also said, often stay up late, the use of cosmetics, do not pay attention to prevent bask in. While the Chinese skin typology research report pointed out that the formation of the plaques and the radiation of the sun light, computer, endocrine disorders, the use of mercury and other heavy metals inferior cosmetics, especially the influence of the sun's ultraviolet to splash.

only 2 into women use laser to remove spots

according to the survey, 48. 1% of & other; Spot girl & throughout; Choose daily cosmetics remove spots, 31. 7% choose to beauty parlour do care, and choose laser remove spots only 20. 2%. However, most & other; Spot girl & throughout; Also use daily cosmetics said remove splash although cheap and convenient, but the effect is not very good, even back to black.

daily skincare remove spots the cost is low, operation is convenient; Nursing dispelling speckle effect and daily skin care products to beauty parlour is similar to remove spots, but the cost is higher, both must pay attention to the inferior cosmetics. And laser can remove spots to disease, good effect, short time, but also can improve the skin, eliminate fine wrinkles, only the cost is relatively high, need certain economic base, this also is many women perennial spot problems and difficult to remove a reason.

light waves are different, different remove splash effect

however, not all of the laser remove splash effect is the same. Different nature of the spots also is different, some long in the epidermis layer, some long in the dermis, and there are long in the table, the dermis JiaoJiChu, and different spots to absorb light waves are different. If the waves are not in operation, not only remove spots is invalid, also easy to hurt the skin & other; Back to black & throughout; 。

stefano's lightning tuning Q laser is recognized pigmentary skin effect is very good instrument operation, the output of two wavelength of 1064 nm and 532 nm laser to the true, the epidermis layer of different pigment skin is very effective. And with flat cap & other; Face to face & throughout; Evenly applied to the skin of the light is not easy to burn the skin, greatly reduce the skin side effects after the operation, reduce the risk of pigmentation. Tuning Q laser has been successful for many women to remove stains, closely & other; Spot girl & throughout; They confessed.

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