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The computer the skin tester

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Computer skin tester

marketed for skin in a few years have been basically most beauty institutions admitted that even yes beauty makeup shows beautiful woman are strongly recommended method for skin, the wonders what it worth so much? Small make up and you take a look at the computer the skin tester.

computer skin tester is to use two or three spectroscopy of the pores of the skin, moisture content, sebum acne, spots, roughness, carries on the quantification of measure and comparing with large range of database data to determine whether detection of skin problems and put forward the improvement opinion of an instrument. Now have extensive use in beauty parlor skin tester, the customer is doing us by testing before and after the operation can clearly tell the customer operation by means of the data is valid and releasing our collocation of postoperative care products to clients.

it is worth that now is not just a beauty salon, most of the cosmetics sales company will be in front of the shop with a skin tester, through to the solution for the customer's skin test good cosmetics sales. Cosmetics sales at ordinary times takes a long time to convince customers to buy the recommended cosmetics but with skin tester system background automatically in the system before the match given good cosmetics recommendation, customer trust will greatly improve. The skin tester only version of the computer, the android version is not put into production, so when use is need a laptop computer, believe the android version will be put into production in the near future will be suitable for our use the cosmetics counter.

computer skin tester small make up is introduced here, there is this instrument equipped with pixel is 16 million pixels, can satisfy the needs of the customer tests, I hope it can help you.

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