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The expert reminds: remove stretch marks with a lattice laser cosmetic instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
The expert reminds: remove stretch marks with a lattice laser cosmetic instrument

a lot of female friends to reproductive period will face such problems, enjoying joy when his mother at the same time, but still faces striae of pregnancy. And don't know exactly when to remove stretch marks, should with what method to remove stretch marks, stefano to recommend a method of dispel striae of pregnancy: get rid of the stretch marks with laser cosmetic instruments.

expectant mothers during pregnancy, as the belly up slowly, abdominal skin elastic fibers and collagen fibers by force and damage or fracture. After the baby born will leave some luster of grain, this is what we often say that stretch marks.

common method of operating striae of pregnancy operation risk is too big, easy to leave scar, and operation effect is not so good. Remove stretch marks with what method? Stefano expert to tell you: laser cosmetic instrument remove stretch marks is effective, the method.

method of lattice laser cosmetic instrument is currently operating stretch marks instrument, has been popular among the masses of customers and trust. Lattice laser targets for the water in the skin tissue, produces a certain amount of stripped, more hot solidification and apparent thermal effect, heating effect produce collagen contraction, solidification and hot stripped form the diameter is about 0. 12 mm holes, start the skin trauma to improve the mechanism of new collagen, achieve leather frame structure reconstruction, facial contour sculpture, wrinkles disappear, fine texture, acne scar skin smooth. At the same time of dispel stretch marks, will also have the effect of tender skin.

method of lattice laser cosmetic instrument has been affected by the mothers love of trust, especially to remove stretch marks have very good effect. Welcome friends to understand law, beauty equipment, we will be online for you to solve various problems.

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