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The laser cosmetic remove splash instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser cosmetic remove spots instrument

speaking of chloasma, people are not unfamiliar, this is a kind of easy to occur in the female friends facial spots, female friends natural beauty, this no doubt increased the trouble of many women. Elimination of chloasma can use laser cosmetic remove spots instruments, are relatively fast, so for beauty salon, choose what kind of laser cosmetic remove spots instrument is better? Small make up to answer for you now.

chloasma is a kind of happened in the frontal or cheeks symmetrical distribution of pigmentation spots or patch samples, was associated with the sun, season and endocrine, and no symptoms and self-healing tendencies consciously. Laser cosmetic remove spots instruments mainly use the launch of the high-energy laser in an instant, reach the pathological changes of chloasma, to shatter it into pigment particles, part of the direct eduction body outside, part of consumed by macrophages with eduction body outside, will not affect the normal skin tissue. In addition, laser cosmetic can remove spots to nevus of ota, ITO, mole, wash wash tattoo eyebrow, equipped with carbon powder operation head vervet doll hot projects.

laser cosmetic remove spots instrument for pigment selectivity chloasma, will only work on pigment spot, will not damage the normal skin, also won't have side effects. Laser remove spots is a non-invasive method, convenient and quick, don't take people's work time, also had a shorter recovery time, work and life. But after laser remove spots, may appear red and swollen, it is will fade soon; Pay attention to the wound area clean and dry, don't literally tear scabby scab skin, let it fall off naturally is better; Adjust the diet, not to stimulate the greasy food, keep the mood calm and pleasant, lest affect laser remove splash effect.

chloasma operation to select which one laser cosmetic remove spots instrument is better? Small make up recommend tuning Q laser beauty equipment, with more than 400 mj on preoperative tries to do, also must pay attention to the postoperative considerations, to obtain good effect of chloasma.

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