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The laser cosmetic removing chloasma?

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
The laser cosmetic removing chloasma?

no matter how laser cosmetic instrument of chloasma operation must adhere to. Because a lot of chloasma on market operation fails, a lot of people think of chloasma is impossible, even some of the operation of chloasma caused a disfigured; Remove chloasma operation should be at least 6 months above, because the existence and epidermis melanin migration to the mass base layer cutin layer then fall off at least 4 & ndash; More than six weeks, inhibit melanin produce melanin, chloasma operation for at least six months or more, the longer the time, the efficiency is higher, the late care to at least 12 months, by halves.

laser cosmetic instrument removing chloasma note:

1, there will be a splash of chloasma operation process had resurrected phenomenon is normal;

2, chloasma, operating in the process of the patient's own persistence and good cooperation;

3, strengthen prevent bask in, it is recommended to use SPF30 & ndash; More than 50 sunscreen, should wear a sun hat or an umbrella while going out.

4, if the suspect chloasma is caused by certain drugs and cosmetics, should stop using, observe whether chloasma is aggravating, good is to be able to find the specific composition of chloasma, later can be avoided with the composition of drugs and cosmetics.

5, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, such as spinach, day lily, black fungus, lotus root, apple, pear, watermelon and so on.

6, eat less acrimony excitant food such as: coffee, cocoa, onion garlic, cinnamon, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, etc.

7, to the United States, have to drink less.

8, maintain spirit free from worry, exercise more, but pay attention to the mix.

9, positive chronic kidney problems, correct operation menstruation to be not moved, regulating endocrine dysfunction, etc.

10, women can stop using oral contraceptives, and switch to other methods of contraception, may obtain unexpected results.

11, chloasma caused by the reasons for pregnancy, such as half a year after childbirth can't go away, it must go to a doctor.

the expert advice in patients with chloasma:

1, the operation must first remove chloasma, inhibit melanin cell activity.

2, remove chloasma process to use light blocking drugs, including increased antioxidant capacity of the skin.

3, remove chloasma method to restrain melanin formation, a tyrosinase inhibitor, the Ming acid; B high oxidizing agents, astaxanthin. B, pigmentation chloasma can choose melanin cytotoxic drugs. Hydroquinone cream.

4, remove chloasma method to destroy melanin granules and pigment group and Q switch laser ( Pulse width is less than 6 ns) The operation of chloasma.

laser cosmetic operations remove chloasma expert clew to maintain good state of mind has a lot to do with illness, short-tempered, irritable, moody, will make the sicker and hinder the operation of chloasma, therefore, at the same time in the operation of chloasma, patients must be psychological operations, make oneself out of the depression, set up the confidence is very necessary.

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