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The laser dot mole instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser dot mole instrument

moles are common in our daily life, have a plenty of was born with, or after the last out, no matter what kind of, grow on the face is also affect beautiful. What beauty salon laser dot mole instrument? Effect of laser to remove moles?

laser dot mole instruments, by using the principle of the light induced by blasting, 1064 & amp; 532 nm wavelength laser in a very short time moment acting on the target tissue, fractured basement absorb light energy instantaneous blasting, and corresponding part breaks down through the skin crusts fall off, another part of the cracked into tiny particles engulfed by macrophages, through the lymphatic circulation eduction body outside, so as to achieve the aim of eliminating nevus.

beauty salon laser dot mole instruments have? Commonly used with tuning Q laser and picosecond laser, picosecond laser pulse width is shorter, can achieve real instantaneous blasting pigment, pigment clearance rate is higher, the better.

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