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The laser dot mole instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser dot mole instrument

dot mole is a lot of beauty agencies will carry out projects, but because of some nevus cells located in the dermis some located in the skin or is difficult to operate, so this article about the introduction of laser dot mole instrument will tell you which type of mole how should solve.

in order to understand the laser dot mole instrument first need to know what types are nevus cells, maybe a lot of customers have been very understand, but small make up or give you a brief introduction. Border cells are divided into nei, mixed hemorrhoid and intradermal nevus, border mole is located in the skin, smooth, glabrous; Mixed hemorrhoid in skin leather, which may be slightly uplift in the skin; Intradermal nevus is located in the dermis, uplift in the skin surface hairiness.

if the border is mole in operation, we need to use less energy to 400 mj tuning Q laser alignment a bleeding among nevus cells, and then along the nevus cell edge to make clean; If it is mixed hemorrhoid or intradermal nevus we must adopt lattice co2 laser, alignment nevus cells using ultra pulse mode gasification peeling off nevus cells, when operating the two types of mole may need local anesthesia, after the operation to prevent inflammation in order to avoid color heavy. Here we need to pay special attention to is to dispel mole cells must remove clean, because if time is not as clean as dispel so late nevus cells will grow again.

the above introduction is tuning Q laser and laser dot mole apparatus lattice co2 laser, besides a dot mole, the two types of instruments are professional remove spots instrument and the effect is very good except for the wrinkle resistance failure instrument, because dot mole carried out has more now, then choose a tuning Q laser to remove spots or choose lattice laser exhibition except wrinkles profits will be big, is also a demand for more good projects.

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