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The moonlight 808 veh hair removal instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Moonlight hair removal instrument 808 veh

hair removal is the goddess will do homework, so choose salon for hair removal device, is vital for the store business, small make up recommend a moonlight hair removal instrument for you today 808 veh, 808 semiconductor laser hair removal device, aiming at excess hair removal, the effect is satisfactory.

808 semiconductor laser hair removal can penetrate depth can reach the target (target tissue Dermal papilla) , hair follicles were heated to 75 degrees Celsius and by hand with the sliding keep a period of time, dermal papilla loseth growth activity, so as to achieve the aim of hair removal.

the moon waxing machine 808 veh sapphire cooling technology and contact cooling head, hair removal can protect the skin at the same time, the effect of the implementation of delicate skin. Standard with 2 for the gunner: VT2400, FH - hand 05 hand tools, as well as light bend, small parts of the excess hair removal can also at the same time.

China is worth looking forward to the moonlight, stefano beauty equipment manufacturer to recommend the laser hair removal device, interested friends welcome to contact us at any time, 24 hours a day

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