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The photon hair removal machine

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Photon hair removal machine

the legs, arms of hair is too long, for beautiful to love women, is a can't stand the thing, especially in the summer of wear skirts and shorts, hair is too long to embarrassing. The emergence of photon hair removal machine, for people to solve the long hair, can achieve depilation, freezing and photon hair removal machine where good?

photon hair removal machine is an intense pulsed light IPL, RF radio frequency technology and intelligent combination, skin cooling technology of the application of selective light pyrolysis mechanism, is a kind of interventional method of hair removal. Photon hair removal machine use of melanin in the hair follicle cells selective absorption of certain wavelengths of light, make the hair follicles produce heat, so as to selectively destroy the hair follicle, to avoid the surrounding tissue damage at the same time achieve the result of hair removal. Photon hair removal in the process, the patient will have a slight pain, such as acupuncture, is within the range of affordable.

although the effect of the photon hair removal machine is very good, but some matters needing attention and consideration. Don't use depilate cream before photon hair removal, hair removal cream and other cosmetics, suggest preventive treatment for 14 days before operation part skin care. Literally bathed before hair removal, to ensure that local skin health. Photon hair removal machine operation in the process of laser through the skin has some warm feeling, this is normal phenomenon, in addition to strictly grasp the indications and contraindications.

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