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The photon instrument remove spots

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Photonic instruments remove plaques

small make up in the previous article introduced tuning Q laser remove spots instruments, small make up today with everyone take a look at the photon instrument is how to remove spots and its remove splash effect.

photonic instruments also remove spots using the selective principle of field, which is light effect to the skin is absorbed by the skin melanin generate heat decomposition melanin, the pigment particles as normal. To because photonic instruments used in dispelling the spot is a band of light, and is the use of light spot area larger hand operation of not laser head, so that a light operation area is larger, and this kind of situation is very easy to cause the spot after absorbing sunlight and heat dissipation cause burns blister, not in time when used in photonic instruments remove spots so we strongly recommend that customers don't flake of spot, such as inflammation of the flake pigmentation after don't do it, otherwise scalds and difficult situation.

and because photonic instruments and remove spots when energy is limited, so dermal spots such as nevus of ota can't be done, even have enough energy to reach the dermal diseased tissue, skin will also because heat causes blisters not in time. Some customers ask small make up chloasma photonic instruments can do? Small make up here tell you must not use photonic instruments to remove chloasma, first chloasma where each person is different, some people are in the dermis some people are in some leather skin epidermis layer; Secondly some of chloasma is flake some point; Is important is that it is easy to chloasma after irritability of the spot, if inappropriate energy application is easy to make produce melanin complex amino acid enzyme activity increases, cause the chloasma.

summarizes the above content more than common pigment pathological changes we know photonic instruments can only remove the epidermis punctiform plaques, such as freckles, spots, dot pigmentation and so on.

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