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The rf waves lift machine

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Rf waves lift machine

waves lift is called a simple except wrinkles fight decline instruments, because of its obvious facial skin and remove wrinkles younger effect is popular with the customers, and rf waves lift machine is divided into waves lift machine and freezing waves lift machine, let's see what is the difference between the two and how effective their function.

rf waves lift machine and rf waves lift freezing machine is adopt rf radio frequency technology, and better instruments using sine wave frequency, and quality of general instruments use is most common rf, sine wave frequency relative to the ordinary radio frequency in the operating effect is much better. Freezing point waves lift machine can keep about 7 days or so waves by the firming effect of the lift machine can keep only about 1 - The effect of the two days.

in addition both instruments involves rf really unipolar and false unipolar, general machine is equipped with a bipolar rf head and unipolar operation head, head of bipolar operation is commonly used in facial skin tone, monopole operation head because deep deep so mostly to lose fat fat loss. So we in the choose and buy when the rf waves lift machine in addition to the price and there are many factors to consider, sometimes we may think of big manufacturer instrument is too expensive, actually have a good reason for you, just think if we bought one instrument is effect, the loss is not only a instrument of money may also effects the reputation of beauty salon.

the problem, the customer may ask, single rf waves lift machine operation of firming effect can keep only a short time, how can the effects of a year? This would require the points according to the course for many times, the general beauty salon will be a year for a course of 6 - Eight times or eight 12 times.

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