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The smart skin detector

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Smart skin detector

what is the commonly used beauty equipment, beauty salon if it must be smart skin detector to detect the skin condition, before we judge a client's skin condition problem is based on the experience of beautician, but even very experienced hairdresser is difficult to give customers the numerical analysis on the problem of skin, and this smart skin detector can be done.

the so-called intelligent detector is through three spectral radiation skin, skin to skin leather status display, respectively, and the real skin conditions, through the analysis of the software is generally three spectral detector can well detect the skin wrinkles, roughness and water content, inflammatory conditions, the condition of dermal pigmentation, skin pigmentation, acne and so on. And after given the overall data will display cases from different parts of the face, take the water content of the index, the inspection result will give you the figures for the whole facial skin moisture content, and the corresponding to given an age. Such as a client skin is scarce, then detect the water content index of age is bigger than actual age, if the customer age was 30, so the instrument is given age may be is 32, 35 years old, and so on, even detect age than the actual age, the more testers of the more serious skin conditions.

according to the instrument to test out the customer's skin problems, we can in advance in the instrument input we'd like to recommend to the customer's operation plan, then the test results come out after the results of these recommendations will automatically prompt, professional and increase the operation project of on one hand, on the other hand increase our technological beauty.

at present in domestic selling more fire intelligent skin detector some Vista mirror detector, the price is in 100000 yuan of above, homebred detector hot-selling models mechanically STC01, TC01 company, if you have intention to know more please contact us directly.

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