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The spring hair removal | beauty salon hair removal instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Spring hair removal | beauty salon hair removal instrument

spring is the season for hair removal, is the golden season of beauty salon for hair removal project, choose good hair removal equipment is the key to the store profits. Beauty salon hair removal instrument have? Laser hair removal instrument or e light hair removal instrument better? Stefano small make up recommend to do for you!

beauty salon commonly used hair removal instrument have laser hair removal instrument and e light hair removal instrument two kinds big. Laser hair removal device, that is, we are familiar with semiconductor laser hair removal device, 808 with 808 nm wavelength laser direct effects on hair follicle roots and heat-set dermal papilla, lose its growth activity, thus can't provide nutrition for hair follicles, which can lead to hair follicle atrophy necrosis, achieve the goal of hair removal.

e light hair removal instrument is a kind of multi-functional beauty equipment, in addition to depilate, also can do spot, tender skin, red blood silk, acne, etc. , is a very high ratio of beauty equipment, beauty shop if carry out a variety of beautiful skin, e light hair removal, will be a good choice.

right spring hair removal, hair removal instrument has been in place in your store? Stefano beauty equipment manufacturers a variety of models of hair removal equipment for you to choose and buy, interested friends welcome at any time

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