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The waves lift machine

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Waves lift machine

rf skin beauty has been quite a few beauty salon will carry out the project now, very common, therefore was also effective to attract customers, do what waves lift beauty project need to use what are the waves of lift machine?

waves lift machine model is really many, and waves lift machine in the domestic market price is cheaper, cheaper about thousands of dollars, you have tens of thousands of dollars. Even now many beauty equipment is a wave lift hand tools, such as stefano e light beauty equipment company, e light beauty instrument itself is a kind of pull with the multifunctional cosmetic instrument in order to develop waves skin beauty project is also very cost-effective.

so is cheap the waves of lift machine is bad for your good, or at the end of the day which model is good, in fact, when the choose and buy the first thing to see whether this instrument adopts the RF radio frequency sine wave or just ordinary radio frequency. Second to see if this instrument is freezing waves lift instrument or just waves lift instrument, this is important, because a direct impact on the operating cycle and operating frequency. There are also many clients say why buy the same equipment with small make up, operation effect is not the same. Here small make up to explain is that waves lift test operation skill beauty is the beauty project, if not in accordance with the technical mentor to guide to operate at the time, so rarely achieve clinical end point, also is not enough heat generated in the dermal tissue coagulation, therefore can only temporary promotion effect is difficult to make this effect.

small make up waves lift machine to introduce finished, if you want to understand can be found on our website HONKON - M700E, this instrument is introduced is basically can show that all the content of the waves of lift machine all information.

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