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ZS06 above injection meter new shock

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
ZS06 meter above the injection product shock hit

what to say in 2015 popular beauty project, I'm afraid I have to mention above injection, make skin lock moisture, keep water embellish position. Stefano photoelectric technology co. , LTD in Shanghai research and development efforts, two years improvement, constant innovation above injection apparatus technology, ZS06 above injection apparatus incoming new shock!

what is above the injection? Above is the use of hyaluronic acid injection injection was carried out on the skin directly, can make skin tender skin, improve dull skin, relieve wrinkles, improve pigmentation, acne, restore skin elasticity has obvious effect. Above injection apparatus product ZS06 has the triad of injection system, syringes, suction pump and injection head three effect syncretic, can control depth, can control the dose, can control the frequency.

ZS06 specially designed injection propeller backwards after pulling needle rapidly promoted, dermis absorption complement nutrient is as high as 98. More than 3% to reduce nutrient drops out and the effect of waste, and the suction pump can accurately adjust the 0 to 1 seconds repeat/absorption to 5 times, reduce customer form factors and ecchymosis, last ease the pain.

1, the triad ZS06 injection system

syringes, suction pump and injection head three functions together, it became the you used good above injection apparatus.

2, ZS06 accurate injection

every small needle injection 0. 0125 cc, dose control accurate quantity up to 0. Up to 0 01 cc, depth control accuracy. 1 mm, which is above the injection of high accuracy.

3, simple ZS06,,

injections in the suction pump suck up the skin gently, avoiding dangerous parts ( The eyes, neck) The use of hidden trouble, the needle to ease the pain.

4, ZS06 effectively without

needle use and automation devices, needle injection head injection effect even more, save more time, the propeller nutrient loss.

ZS06 meter above the injection product shock hits, powerful configuration, improve the skin condition, can help beauty fully moistening, tender skin, shrink pores, improve the wrinkles and fade melanin, recover skin to the original state. If you promise to above new ZS06 interested

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