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Laser eyebrow washing machine use the taboo of the crowd

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser eyebrow washing machine use taboo crowd

how can I let the eyebrow deformation good-looking? Tattoo eyeline is a kind of art can change people's eyebrows, good will have the effect that make the finishing point, it may need to wash the eyebrow tattoo eyeline again. A lot of beauty salon use laser eyebrow washing machine to wash eyebrow for people, such a method, but the laser eyebrow washing machine use taboo crowd mainly have?

tattoo eyeline is artificially through various methods to make dye pigment particles deposited on the surface layer of the skin and achieve cosmetic effect. The pigment particles due to the color of special will absorb certain wavelengths of laser, the laser power energy in a very short period of time under the action of the collapse of the pigment particles will occur, are destroyed, and then remove skin own metabolic system. The duration of the laser is very short, will not lead to damage of surrounding normal skin tissues. Laser eyebrow washing machine use taboo crowd mainly include:

1, wash eyebrow more people

because more people wash eyebrow he became thin, the epidermis and the dermis organization for laser wash eyebrow risk is higher also.

2, eyebrow tattoo pigment is gold attribute of

if eyebrow tattoo pigment is a kind of special gold properties of pigment, the pigment is not easy to remove, suggest don't try to laser wash eyebrow, so as to avoid waste of time and money.

3 people, scar constitution

scar sex constitution of the people, no matter in any surgery or tattoo eyeline is easy to produce scar or a scar, the laser wash eyebrow is not recommended. Because after the surgery, the chance of a scar on the face is other people's congress (NPC), so the failure possibility of laser wash eyebrow is bigger also.

4 people, expect higher

life inevitably there are some people who pursue, is high to the requirement of anything. Such people do not recommend to accept laser wash eyebrow, regardless of whether a scar, for they have on the body defects are not acceptable.

this is taboo crowd of laser eyebrow washing machine using a simple introduction, although laser wash eyebrow is a method of comparison, but for more than a few groups is taboo, so before the laser wash eyebrow must and doctors to communicate well.

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